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Photo editing

edited senior skin before and after.jpg
edited baby skin before and after.jpg

Extensive Edits

Blemish removal, skin smoothing, hair correction, teeth whitening, wardrobe corrections and more are available.

Generally 3-5 images can be done in an hour

$75 an hour - $20 minimum

edited senior skin before and after 2.jp
edited baby skin before and after 2.jpg
face swap before.jpg

Face Swapping

If you have 2 or more of a similar pose, I can swap out faces where someone is less desirable with an image where their face/expression is more desirable

$40 per image created

face swap edit.jpg

Photo Magic

shadow image 2.jpg
adding angel wings.jpg

Shadow Images

Include a special someone in your session

$20 per image

shadow image.jpg
srkids Flour Angels.jpg

Holiday fun!

Make Christmas Magical

Message for prices

SR portrait frame VERT.jpg
make it rain.jpg

Adding in extra

Making your photo even more spectacular by adding rain, snow, lights or glitter! 

$10 per image

snow blow.jpg
srflw TULIP digital background.jpg
Sr Stork.jpg

Digital Backgrounds

Using digital backgrounds to enhance the variety of your photo gallery and personalize your photos!

$50 per image

srElephant digital background with flowe

Examples of editing extras that can be done